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2018 Upcoming Races:


Mayville State Donut Dash! - 8/22/18 at 7pm!

The MSU Donut Dash will be a 1-Mile Run/Walk event, with a donut at every 1/4 mile for you to enjoy!

A delicious SOHOLT DONUT from Mayville's Finest, Soholt Bakery will be at every stop!


This is a fundraising event for the Jenny (Rettig) Karboviak Memorial Scholarship here at Mayville State.

The scholarship helps to benefit MSU students who are seeking degrees in Early Childhood at MSU.


Cost is $10/participant, $5 for MSU Students, or $40 for a family of 4 or more.

Event starts and finishes at the front of the Lewy Lee Fieldhouse on the campus of MSU.


Can't make it from afar? Be a "Virtual Dasher"! 

Virtual Dashers can complete 1 mile on their own and be entered for a chance to win a DOZEN DONUTS from Soholt Bakery shipped to you!


Please pre-register below on the Pre-Registration Form

 to help get a solid count for the proper number of donuts to prepare for!


Please fill out one form per person, if entering in for a family.


Virtual Dashers: you only have to make a payment below to register. Thanks!

Pre-Register Here:


Payments can be made here online by credit card, or dropped off to Rick Karboviak in Old Main at MSU, or you can pay on Race Day.


Donut Dash Options





Mayville State Farmers Bowl "Field Frenzy 5K"!

Saturday, Sept 8th at 8am on the campus of Mayville State University

Begins/Ends by Old Main at MSU

Pick up your packets at the MSU Wellness Center

Registration fee is only $10 this year for participants!

MSU Students are FREE with Student ID card.

Registration Form is available here to download:

MSU Farmers Bowl Form

You can make a registration payment with the Buy Now button below:






August 9, 2018 - May-Port Runners Club Color Run 5K

Overall Results are down below in the PDF file to view:

(No age groups or M/F placings, just overall for this event)



June 21, 2018 - May-Port Summerfest 5K

5K Overall Results

5K Age Group Results

FSHP Homecoming 5K - Hope, ND - 9/10/17


Mayville State Farmers Bowl Field Frenzy 5K Results: 9/9/17


Mayville 5K/10K, June 22, 2017

Overall Results:


Age Group Results:


10K Results Overall:

1. Eric Polries, 39:17

2. Justin Ormond, 42:25

3. Ethan Sherva, 51:22

4. Jill Bryant, 51:40

5. Rebecca Yound, 58:23

6. Brittany Denesha-Jacobson, 60:23


Finley Days 5K - June 8th, 2017


FSHP Homecoming 5K Kickoff Event: Sept 25, 2016



Overall Results: http://climbthepodium.com/MSUFB5K16.pdf

Cooper Days 5K Results: July 9, 2016

Click here for Cooper Days 5K Results!


Mayville 5K & 10K - June 23, 2016 Results

Results for the 5K went to a 34 minute time limit, 10K went for all finishers.

Due to software issues, we did a manual time and log of bibs/times at the finish, so I have no age group brackets this year.

Click here for 5K & 10K Results!


CCAA Cooper Days 5K - July 11, 2015

http://climbthepodium.com/CooperDays5K2015.pdf - Age Group

http://climbthepodium.com/CooperDays5KOverall2015.pdf - Overall

May-Port Summerfest Kids Dash & Jump Contests - June 27, 2015

Overall Results, in order of Age:



Mayville 5K/10K Races, Mayville, ND - June 25, 2015

Overall Results: http://climbthepodium.com/Mayville5K2015All.pdf

Age Group Results: http://climbthepodium.com/Mayville5K2015age.pdf

10K Overall:

1. Cailee Peterson, F, 39:17

2. Nick Stromme, M, 40:44

3. Marissa Carlson, F, 41:57

4. Robin Tarpinian, F, 53:39

5. Amanda Amb, F, 55:26

6. Jill Wamstad, F, 59:28


CCAA Tag Team Relay Races - Cooperstown, ND on June 23, 2015

CCAA Tag Team Races: Co-Ed Division
1. Leah Oien & Devon Patton, 12:24 (7:03, 5:21)
2. Courtney Hournung & Evan Trostad, 12;29 (7:05, 5:24)
3. Melanie Rogers & Jeff Kenninger, 14:56 (8;15, 6:41)
4. Justin & Jane Campbell, 15:26 (7;29, 7:57)...
5. Kelly Scott & Koye Grebel, 15:50 (8:06, 7:44)
6. Ashton & Sherri Smith, 15:57 (8:04, 7:53)
7. Alex & Craig Becherl, 15:57 (9:15, 6:42)
8. Jack Vanhuisen & Maezy Myers, 17:37 (7:44, 9:53)
9. Payton and Sheri Praska, 18:55 (10:05, 8:50)
10. Melissa & Randy Myers, 19:45 (10:05, 9:40)

CCAA Tag Team Races: Female Division
1. Kennedi and Terri Soine, 13:34 (6:45, 6:49)
2. Jane Campbell and Brittany Crouse, 14:56 (7:33, 7;22)
3. Megan Johnson & Brittany Lilenquist, 15:09 (8:26, 6:43)
4. Clara & Hanna Wieland, 15:11 (7;22, 7:49)...
5. Lauren & Sarah Ressler, 16:48 (8;34, 8:14)
6. Sherri Smith & Asia Becherl, 18:01 (7;33, 10:28)
7. Kathy & Hannah Fitzgerald, 18:02 (9:19, 8:43)
8. Maezy and Abby Myers, 18:03 (7:53, 8:10)

CCAA Tag Team Races: Male Division
1. Koltyn Grebel and Koye Grebel, :13:30 (6:37, 6:53)
2. Peter Grebel and Kael Grebel, 13:53 (6:43, 7:10)
3. Jack Vanhuisen & Ashton Smith, 15:30 (7:38, 7:52)
4. Tyson Loge & Gabe Costello, 17:25 (8:39, 8:46


2015 Page Days 5K - June 12th, Page, ND

Males: 1st - Ethan Brown, 2nd - Andy Thorson

Females: 1st - Cailee Peterson, 2nd - Mikayla Koenig

Overall: http://climbthepodium.com/Page5K2015.pdf

Age Groups: http://climbthepodium.com/Page5K2015Age.pdf


2015 Finley Days 5K - June 11th, Finley, ND

Male Division:

1st - Ethan Brown, 2nd - Jeff Jacobson

Female Division:

1st - Cailee Peterson, 2nd - Taylor Palmer

Overall Results

Age Group Results

Youth Run:

1. Jenna Soine, 3:40
2. Drew Iverson, 4:22
3. Lauren Soine, 4;27
4. Bailey Bergstrom, 5:14
5. Brinley Bergstrom, 5:36
6. Reed Iverson, 6:08


The Farmers Bowl Tag Team Race!

On the campus of Mayville State University

Nov 1st,  2014    Mayville, ND

Race Results:

Males: Jeff Jacobson & Rick Karboviak, 15:31

1st - Cailee & Jeni Peterson, 15:35
2nd - Leah Larson & Jen Kohls - 17:29
3rd - Deb & Joelle Ertl - 18:34
1st - Jake Nepstad & Caille Peterson, 12:36
2nd - Leah Larson & Rick Karboviak - 15:39
3rd - Dena & Jerrod Bergstrom - 17:04
4th - Dustin & Sarah Olson - 31:44

Winners of the Craziest Comets attire: Dustin & Sarah Olson!

Thank you to all for coming and participating in

the Farmers Bowl's first Tag Team Race!



2014 HOPE DAYS 5K Results:


Age Group

Congrats to Ethan Brown, 1st Place winner

and also to Cailee Peterson, 2nd Place!

Both were also top male & female.

Thanks to the ladies of Redeemer Lutheran Church for all their help in

putting on such a great race for Hope Days!


MAYVILLE 5K & 10K Results:

Overall 5K

5K Age Group

Overall & Age Group for 10K


Cooper Days Tag Team Relay Race Results:



2014 Finley 5K Run/Walk & Youth Fun Run

The 2014 Finley 5K & Youth Run was another hit!

5K Winners:

Top Male & Overall: Jon Williams, 17:11

Runner-Up: Ethan Brown, 17:21

Top Female: Taylor Palmer, 20:20

Full Results of 5K: Click Here

Finley 5K Age Groups: http://climbthepodium.com/Finley5K14AgeGroup.pdf

We were a part of history at the Finley 5K, too:

Jon Williams, the overall winner, has raced in 45 out of 50 states and has won a race in all 45.

The Finley 5K was his first in North Dakota, and also his first win in ND too, making our state and our race #46 on the list!


2014 Page 5K Results:

Overall Male & Overall Winner: Ethan Brown

Runner Up: James Hollister

Overall Female: Megan Shulstad

Overall Results: http://climbthepodium.com/Page5K14Overall.pdf

Age Group Results, Male/Female: http://climbthepodium.com/Page5K14Age.pdf

Thanks for coming to the Page 5K, it was a smash success!

Thank you for being patient with registrations and also for results.

Thanks to Jeanne Mewes for helping with registration and also to Heather Erickson for helping with race results!



2013 Finley 5K Run/Walk &

1/2 Mile Youth Run

The 2013 Finley 5K & Youth Run Was A Success!

Winner & Top Male: Dallas Patton, 18:01!
Runner-Up: Adam Rodahl, 18:06
Top Female: Taylor Palmer, 19:51

Youth Run:
Overall & Top Boy: Blake Jacobsen
Top Girl: Beth Mehus

Full Results: